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We are Business Support, Debt Solution and Turnaround Specialists

GDS Consulting is a professional services firm based in Birmingham, working with clients across the UK. We are business and debt solution specialists. A comprehensive one stop shop  for all of your business issues offering a range of practical and cost effective advice to individuals and companies in every aspect of their business ranging from growth and development services to strategic planning and funding.

Our team of consultants comprises fully qualified and experienced specialists in their relevant fields.. We pride ourselves in providing workable solutions to the most complex of problems and challenges.

Together with our selected service providers, we are able to provide the following services:

The above list is not exhaustive. We often find that our assistance in one area leads to instructions in other areas that have not immediately been identified.

Business Support

Our experience covers all types and sizes of business across many different industry sectors, and we deal with assignments large and small.

We know that even the best managed businesses run into trouble from time to time. For that reason you will find us understanding and thorough when listening to your business’s problems and commercial when advising and recommending solutions.

Debt Solutions

When businesses face creditor pressure, it can be for many reasons. For example a structural change in the industry a company is involved in or an economic recession. It is not always down to poor management, and sometimes, no matter how fast you react to the problems, cash flow problems, creditor pressure and HMRC arrears can arrive quickly, starting a downward spiral that can be very difficult to reverse.

If we believe that business turnaround is not possible, then we will recommend a formal insolvency process. Such a decision is not taken lightly and we will always take the time to explain why and also what options are available to ensure the process is well ordered with a minimum of stress. We will also give clear, straightforward advice, setting out what we believe is right for the company, its stakeholders and any other party affected by these decisions.

Insolvency is stressful, which is where we come in. We will work with you in a proactive manner to help you or your company deal with the threat of insolvency and achieve the best possible outcome, with the focus on specialist debt solutions. We can help in the following areas:

A well ordered insolvency process means that we will help you try and retain control of the decision making process, as far as possible. There are often many different parties involved, many of them creditors, so we will also be sensitive to their positions. Some creditors may hold security against the company. These will need to be involved and agree to any recommended insolvency process.

We have strong relationships with both national and regional lenders, some of whom may already be providing credit facilities to the company. We are regularly asked by these lenders to give a second opinion where other insolvency advisers are advising the creditors. This can help an ordered insolvency.

Importantly, we can deal with creditors once the process has started, removing a key area of stress from the insolvent company’s directors.

Turnaround Solutions

Where insolvency is not inevitable, then we will work with you to achieve innovative restructuring and reconstructing solutions to turn your business around so that it can resume profitable trading.

First and foremost, we work to help businesses and individuals find a solution to their problems. This often involves:

  • Working to help businesses and individuals to ease their cash flow problems, including locating specialist funding, if appropriate.
  • Helping businesses and individuals deal with creditor pressure,
  • Helping businesses and individuals deal proactively with HMRC if they are in arrears with PAYE, VAT or Corporation Tax.

If it is not possible to turn the business around, we will work with you effectively but sympathetically to ensure the insolvency process is as well ordered and efficient as it can be. When businesses are threatened with insolvency, and ultimately liquidation, it is a highly stressful time. Our long experience in the industry and knowledge of the other advisors, introducers, lenders and investors that are likely to be involved will help. We know what they want and work with them on your half to your best advantage.

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